NT technology

NT technology


Since its founding, Nippon Tanshi has been aiming to develop and manufacture products with reliable quality that will open up a new era of terminals and connectors.
For this reason, each and every employee is constantly taking on the challenge of developing technology that pursues customer value with flexible ideas and vigorous action, and strives to create products that build trust.

Product Development Flow

  • Market Research
    Market Research

    We read needs from market trends and formulate new product plans.

  • Product Review
    Product Review

    Consider using 3D CAD.

  • Prototype

    We will actually make a sample and verify it.

  • Product Evaluation
    Product Evaluation

    Check the conformity of the specifications using the evaluation equipment.

  • Preparation for Mass Production
    Preparation for Mass Production

    We manufacture mass production equipment and prepare to supply products to our customers.

Strength of Nippon Tanshi

Strength of Nippon Tanshi
  1. Product development tailored to customer needs

    The sales department and the development department work together to design products that reflect customer feedback and realize product development that meets customer needs.

  2. <em>Product development</em> tailored to customer needs
  1. Many installation results in the automobile field

    We provide products of stable quality in various fields by utilizing our abundant experience in installing products in the automobile field.

  2. <em>Many installation</em> results in the automobile field
  1. Total support up to crimping

    As a connector manufacturer, we develop equipment that makes use of our know-how in crimping terminals, and have the advantage of being able to follow up on crimping quality.

  2. <em>Total support </em> up to crimping