About Us

About Us


  • President and CEO:Jiro Kono
  • President and CEOJiro Kono

Energizing the world through connectivity. “ACTIVATE”

Back in 1960, our founder visualized “Japan’s dramatic, and continuous development” in the future, and started terminals and connectors manufacturing company as indispensable business. The technology and seasoned engineers were limited in Japan, we reached out to companies and experts from overseas. For six decades, we came up with inventive solutions to challenges, from time to time. We grew into one of highly trusted connectors manufacturers by many customers. When challenge rises, we are up to overcome and offer innovative solutions, Our innovative products propel customers to realize their needs. 

In the electronics industry, the movement to implement sophisticated communication infrastructure and technological innovations such as AI and IoT, are accelerating. Achieving carbon neutrality is a MUST. We will further strengthen our world leading connectivity products in order to propel people to realize their dreams and goals around the world.